User Interface Overview

Apps Library

Apps is the main page in Kelp. Here you can manage Data Apps created by you and your team, discover open source Data Apps and set up connections to external data services and APIs.

Apps Page

Use Create App button to start working on the new application. Click an Data App to launch it. Use menu function on the bottom of an Data App to modify it and change it's settings.

Create connections to the new data services and APIs using Connections in Build menu.

Use Settings to set and modify your account options, go to Kelp documentation, Community and support resources.

Head to Discover section to find ready-to-use templates, guides and community contributions.

Application Interface

There are 3 development modes: preview, schema and layout. If you have permissions to edit the Data App, you will be able to open right menu using << button.

Schema Editor Click on this button to open Schema Editor for App development.

Layout Editor Switches you to Layout Editor to assemble widgets into App pages.

App Icon Opens up an Preview mode where you can see the current state of your App.