Glossary of Terms

Application (App)

Kelp app is a web application that runs in a browser and provides interactive functionality to its users. Kelp app is data-driven application

Application has an owner, typically the user who created it. And it can be shared with other users.

App layers - Application (?), Layout, Schema

Layout Editor

Schema Editor


  • Components (ports, configuration)
  • Library
  • Types
  • Groups
  • Blocks

There are three groups of components in the library:

  • Kelp Components section contains default components pre-installed for every Kelp user.
  • My Components - is a list of more complex custom components created by User from default components.
  • Community Components are components installed from Marketplace.

Components are split up by type:

  • Visual components (widgets) are visual elements of your App UI, including graphs, variety of charts, cards, control and navigation elements etc. All widgets in Kelp are interactive
  • Functional components -
  • System components


  • types (regular vs qPort)

Data Flow

Data source connections vs components connections

  • Data Gateway
  • Data Transformation


Kelp Signals

Vega Signals