Connecting to Data

Kelp Platform works with Data. You can supply your application with data using 2 approaches:

  • Internal Data Sources
  • External Data Sources

Internal Data Sources

The static data stored as component config (Static Data) or coming from services hosted inside Pleeco cloud (Currents).

Static Data

Data can be added to the schema as part of a configuration of any component. Such data can be changed only with the schema and has limits on its size since large schema size will slow down the module loading.


If you have local data which is too big to embed it to a component or it can not be accessed via a REST endpoint, you can use Currents solution. Currents is a combination of an ETL and a queriable REST which allows to pull any custom data.


  1. Add Array component
  2. Open dialog on the component
  3. Paste your data in JSON format
  4. Connect Array's Output port to other components to use the data

External Data Sources

The data store in external to Kelp sources. You will need HTTP component to access it.

Supported datasources:

  • REST API. Credentials can be stored in the Schema.
  • Public Google Spreadsheets
  • CSV/JSON/Excel data on S3, Goolge Drive, DropBox


  1. Add an HTTP component

  2. Add a string component

  3. Add a direct link to REST API which returns CSV or JSON formatted data. Input to string component should be like:

    { "data": "" }

  4. Connect String output port to HTTP's URL port.

  5. Connect HTTP's Response port to other components to use the data