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Calendar widget

Displays data in calendar format.


config JSON - widget configuration parameters.

data Array - data to display.


selection Array - emits an array of the selected dates formatted as "YYY-MM-DD".


Calendar widget provides easy and intuitive ways to display data in calendar format. By default it displays a monthly view calendar with any date selectable. Selected dates emitted on selection output as an array of string dates formatted as "YYY-MM-DD".

Advanced Configuration#

You can define what dates are available for selection in the Calendar. Set any or all of the following attributes: date range (from minDate to maxDate), included set (includeDates) and excluded set ( excludeDates). The resulting enabled dates in the Calendar will be a union of all the dates defined by these attributes. Specify them in widget's Advanced Settings or pass as JSON object to config input.

minDateThe min date of the enabled date range.
maxDateThe max date of the enabled date range.
includeDatesAn array of dates to include.
excludeDatesAn array of dates to exclude.
clearableIf set to true, the date in the calendar can be unselected. In that case an empty array will be emitted on selection output.

Here is an example of the config object:

{  “clearable”: true,  “minDate”:2019-01-01,  “maxDate”:2020-01-01,  “includeDates”: [2019-06-02,2019-06-03"  ],  “excludeDates”: [2019-06-02"  ]}



The widget title.

Show in Datascope#

If turned on, the widget will be added to Datascope panel.

Hide progress bar#

Controls the visibility of widget progress bar (visible by default).

Hide help icon#

Controls the visibility of help icon (visible by default).