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What is a Workspace?

Kelp allows you to organize apps and users into workspaces. You can create workspaces for different teams, projects, or topics. Workspaces are a great way to bring users together to work and collaborate. Organizing apps into workspaces also allows you to control who can have access to apps, data, and secrets.

Private, Personal, and Team Workspaces

In Kelp, there are three types of workspaces: Private, Personal, and Team.

  • Private workspace is your personal sandbox that nobody but you have access to.
  • Personal workspaces are meant for individuals. You can create unlimited apps for yourself, but you can only invite a limited number of members to showcase your ideas.
  • Team workspaces are meant for teams and enterprises. You can invite any number of members. You can also invite guests to share specific apps with them.

Private Sandbox

Every Kelp account has a @name private workspace, which is the only workspace that Kelp users are automatically added to and unable to leave. This workspace works best when it's used for learning and experimentation, as well as storing unfinished ideas or snippets. The private workspace can't be archived, deleted, or converted to any other type of workspace.

Workspace Tips and Best Practices

  • Workspaces are best for organizing users and developers of the apps. Creating similar workspaces for the same group of users can confuse people and make finding the apps harder.
  • Give your workspace a clear title and description so that people understand what it is used for.