HTTP component

Component performs HTTP requests.


url String
HTTP request URL. Path part of the URL could be parametrized, you can provide values of the parameters as JSON object on params port.

params JSON
Path and query parameters. By default parameters will be added as query parameters ?param=value to the request URL. If using parametrized URL then path parameters will be replaced with the corresponding values from params object.

data JSON, String
Set HTTP request body. Required only for POST, PUT and PATCH methods.

headers JSON
Set custom HTTP request headers.

credentials JSON
Provide credentials for secured connection. Use Credentials component to configure secured connection

trigger Boolean, <any>
Trigger HTTP request. If trigger port is not connected, then HTTP component will perform the request on event to url port.

abort Boolean
Abort all pending requests that did not return the response yet.


response JSON
Receive HTTP response wrapped into JSON object or an error signal.


HTTP Component allows you to make HTTP requests to any secured or unsecured resource. Once the response is received it will be wrapped and sent to the response port.

HTTP Component supports several authentication schemes, including OAuth 2.0 and OIDC. To make secured requests you need to pass the credentials to credentials port. Configure credentials using Credentials component. To keep your credentials safe you can store them in a secured vault and use in your apps by reference. Just go to Settings > Connections to create a Secured Connection.


When you do requests with custom headers, data and credentials make sure that all the connected ports receive required events before triggering the request. Use Multiply Stream component and trigger port to control the timing of the request.


Path parameter processing

Set a method to process parameters in URL path.

NoneDefault. No parameters in the URL path.
Path parametersPath parameters defined with curly brackets { }. Values of the parameters should be sent to params port.
Path RegExpPath parameters defined with colon :. Values of the parameters should be sent to params port. More about Path to RegExp.

Request Method

Type of the HTTP request method. Supported methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE.

Response Data Type

Set the response data type (not applicable for HEAD method). The corresponding header parameters will be added to the HTTP request automatically. JSON is the default response format.


Set timeout for the request in milliseconds. Request will be aborted if the response is not returned within the provided timeframe. By default the timeout is not set (value is 0).

Ignore Statuses?

Force HTTP component to send the requests even if it's inactive. Default value is no.


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