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Value formatters

Formatters help you to control how the values of different types are displayed.

noneDefault. No formatting applied.
decimalToBPSDecimal to Basis Points (e.g. 0.01 to 100)
percentToBPSPercent to Basis Points (e.g. 0.05% to 5)
decimalToPercentDecimal to Percent (e.g. 0.102 to 10%)
formatDateFormat Date
numberToHumanReadableNumber to Human Readable (e.g. 1,536,000,000 to 1.54B)
formatPercentFormat Percent (e.g. 0.42 to 42.00%)
numberToLocaleStringNumber to Locale String (e.g. 1000.00 to 1,000.536)